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23.12.1998 KOSOF  
28.7.1999 Finasta for NT  
8.7.1999 Landibase Enterprise Edition for Linux  
1.8.2000 Netsword for Linux / Solaris  
25.9.2000 Sydney application serwer  
21.12.2000 Landibase Enterprise Edition for NT    
25.3.2001Telskan for NT  

Alexandria project  

The goal of the Alexandria project started on 15 th December of 2002 are dedicated(closed) operating systems. In fact the project has older origins, but on above mentioned day suprisingly the main breakthrough was achieved, this is why this date.We plan to follow a few different development paths . At the moment the following subprojetcs were started (the codenames are preliminary):
  • Panama : LanDiBase database system as an operating system. The system is already working, it means not only that OS boots but also that works fine in LAN, cooperating well with Linux clients.We plan to release it officially in April or May 2003.  
  • Colorado : the www server, using Husar architecture, as an operating system.The system is still in design phase.Will be released later this year. 
  • Memphis :Game console OS. In design phase.  

  • Cooperation , specially from hardware vendors is welcomed. 
Main tests for Panama subproject finished.The system will be further tested to the end of the May.We did not yet decided how to offer it, it will be rather offered as an extra option for Netsword or Blackrose customers.
The following hardware platforms were tested succesfully :
  • PIII 850 MHZ with ASUS (TUVx BIOS) and ST320410A 18GB IDE HD and Intel Etherexpress Pro 100 (82557 chip) NIC and 256 MB RAM .
  • Athlon 1600 XP with ECS K7S5A with WD 1.6 GB IDE HD and 3COM 3c9x NIC and 256 MB RAM.
  • We expect, that the system will run also on older platforms, even those with Adaptec 154x .But at the moment we do not have configurations to test it.