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23.12.1998 KOSOF  
28.7.1999 Finasta for NT  
8.7.1999 Landibase Enterprise Edition for Linux  
1.8.2000 Netsword for Linux / Solaris  
25.9.2000 Sydney application serwer  
21.12.2000 Landibase Enterprise Edition for NT    
25.3.2001Telskan for NT  

BlackRose technology for web business applications 

We are proud to announce our new product, BlackRose for Java platform. It is designed for three-tier web(intranet) applications using web browser as a thin client. 
It consists of : 
  • Husar II http server, with Servlet Engine supporting Java servlet 2.2 
  • Sydney server 
  • LanDiBase for Corba database server 
  • LanDiBase for Corba broker for developing database clients, for example business logic database servlets/JSPs running in Husar II container. 
  • LanDiBase for Corba standalone broker for developing pure client-server BlackRose database applications. You do not need www server, jsp and servlets to develop such applications. Such applications are of course Internet/intranet ready. You should also use this broker if You want access BlackRose database server from within EJB running in third party application server. 
  • More in Solutions Marketplace and look for the company name "Andrzej Popielewicz". If You have problems with finding us say simply "Landibase" or "Andrzej Popielewicz" in Yahoo search.  

It supports : 

  • jdk 1.3/1.3.1 from Sun 
  • Java servlet 2.2 from Sun 
  • http 1.1, 1.0 
  • JSP 1.1 (added in the meantime) 
  • Corba IIOP protocol 
  • JNDI 
How to connect to J2EE world ? 
  • Servlet or JSP business logic bean running in Husar container can be a client of EJB running in a J2EE application server like WebSphere or IPlanet etc . 
Security features supported : 
  • Basic authentication 
  • SSL/TLS with X509 certificates etc (Sun implementation of SSL is used) 
  • Restricted file transfer capabilities - at the moment (28.8.2002) only file extensions : pdf,jar,jad are supported(Netscape and runmidlet OK). Standard file extensions html, xml, gif, jpg and js* are of course supported . 
As a first application the KOSOF system will be offered. 


  • BlackRose was tested in WindowsNT 4(Service Pack 4), Solaris 8 and RedHat Linux 6.2 
  • jre 1.3 /jdk1.3/jdk1.3.1 (Sun) 
  • jsse 1.0.2 (Sun) 
  • JavaServlet 2.2(Sun) 
  • JavaMail 1.2 (optional) (Sun) 
  • Forte as an IDE tool is recommended (Sun) 
  • 300 MHZ CPU, 64MB RAM (recommended 128MB) 
  • J2EE application server of other vendors if You want to use EJB 

15.5.2001 External JSP functionality tested 

We are pleased to inform , that Husar II was tested quite successfully with latest (free) JSP engine from Oracle. It could be interesting for the Husar II customers because it offers some extra functionality for Oracle database access. We have tested it in Linux 6.2 with jdk1.2.2 and Solaris 8 with jdk1.2.1. Tests for NT with jdk1.3 are also promising (store demo seems to work). 
This optional feature shows open architecture of LanDiBase/BlackRose, which use as many open standards as possible, so the customer can always extend/migrate to any possible combination of components. 
Remark : the development of this feature is in the meantime stopped, and it is not a part of Husar 2 server.