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Zakład Kognitywistyki

Zakład Epistemologii

Cognitive Sciences

This winter/summer semester, I mean, in the academic year 2005/2006 I was very active with teaching in the Institute of Psychology, namely I had lecture and exercises on “Tools of Informatics”. It was for the students of first year of “Cognitive Sciences”, a new specialization possible for students in Institute of Psychology.This topic should be an introduction to computer sciences . Kognitywistyka

In winter semester 2006/2007 I had exercises in Java programming with students of II year of “Cognitive Sciences” .

At the moment I am not very active in any research related directly with cognitive science, nonethess I am very interested and perhaps I will start a research project . For example artificial intelligence, which has always fascinated me, has close relation to this new field of science.In the meantime I attend seminar in the division of Cognitive Sciences and Epistemology in Institute of Philosophy of UAM.

My last attendance of Ampere XIV NMR School of UAM in 2006 was partially a result of these interests.