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LanPerf, simple performance test for Intel platform
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  • download 3d benchmark 1.0 -for WindowsNT/98/2000.

  • download 3d benchmark 1.1 -for WindowsNT/98/2000.

  • download 3d benchmark 1.2 -for WindowsNT/98/2000/XP. info

  • The results of this last version of the program can sometimes look astonishingly.For example the times for GeForce 2 MX 64MB card are similar for both cases: K6 300 MHZ, and Athlon 1600+ XP.The reason for that is probably the fact, that this card has its own processor which does the job and has of course the same speed in both cases. I have obtained this result in NT4 using original driver from NVidia.

Jedit simple programmer editor for WindowsNT/XP,Solaris 8 and RedHat 6 written in Java

Configuration for XP Professional :

  • download newest jdk from Sun, for example 1.6.0_14, it will install in c:\Sun\SDK.

  • Open line command widow application and unpack downloaded jar file

  • jar xvf jedwin.jar

  • install jedit using install.bat , it will create c:\jedit and copy files into it

  • cd c:\jedit

  • jar xvf jedit.jar

  • edit html,java and xml def files. For example in case of html.def , You have to specify explicitly the locations of the insertions, for example in case of 3 insertions it could look like that :





where html is the file containing template with <html> tag etc.

  • You can start jedit with command : java Jedit .It will work only in jedit directory.

  • If You want to start being in another directory You have to enter :

  • java -classpath c:\jedit Jedit

  • Above method allows for having different def files in different directories, depending on the project

  • Create shortcut on the desktop, giving the following value of the target location

  • C:\Sun\SDK\jdk\bin\java.exe -classpath c:\jedit Jedit

  • In the above case You have also to define starting directory of the application, If You enter c:\ then def files from c:\ will be taken etc, if there are any there. For the beginning set c:\jedit as starting directory.You can define more shortcuts for different starting directories.

Download instructions for Netscape
  • Select the entry in the list and click the right mouse button and choose the option "Save the link to ".