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23.12.1998 KOSOF  
28.7.1999 Finasta for NT  
8.7.1999 Landibase Enterprise Edition for Linux  
1.8.2000 Netsword for Linux / Solaris  
25.9.2000 Sydney application serwer  
21.12.2000 Landibase Enterprise Edition for NT    
25.3.2001Telskan for NT  

Husar 2.1

Enhanced version of Husar server 2 is in beta test . We plan to finish the testing to the end of the June 2004.

Features added  : 
  •  support for php 4.3.6 in Husar 2.1
  • php module HUSAPI (Husar API), will be released with PHP like license after tests are finished 
  • Tests show that all elementary functionality of PHP like functions(recurrence etc), classes(inheritance etc) work fine , forms, etc,etc.
  • New feature was tested in Solaris 9 x86 with jdk1.4.2.
  • PHP is a very powerful object oriented scripting language.


Husar 2.1/Blackrose tested successfully with newest jdk1.5.0_01