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How to buy Husar application server

License agreement for version 1.41 of Husar package

By buying version 1.41 of husar package You accept the following conditions :

  • Andrzej Popielewicz guarantees You nonexclusive and nontransferable binary code license Husar package for using it commercially or noncommercially.
  • You obtain the right to deploy husar server on one computer in Your network. It is license pro one computer .
  • If You want to deploy the client applications developed using husar package, You do not have to pay any extra fee for each client.
  • Redistribution or distribution of this version for any commercial or noncommercial purposes is not allowed.
  • You can distribute Your client applications developed with the help of husar client broker software royalty free, but of course without the husar server, which as stated above must be purchased for each computer involved.

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