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Dance on ICE or icewm window manager

March 2008

Quite suprisingly I have got icewm to work. Although it was mentioned in icewm documentation , that

icewm was tested with gcc 2.8.1 but because it is written with C++ one never knows. It means it is

a good test of our port of g++ 2.8.1. It is really beautiful window manager, first of all because of built in

support for themes. At the moment the following themes were tested OK :

  • icedesert

  • win95

  • Infadel2

  • gtk2

  • nice

  • warp3/4(wow OS/2)

And it is not so difficult to design a new theme. Next for testing and porting are XP like themes.

So far so good. There are of course some problems. Not all applications which work with OpenMotiff mwm work with icewm too.For example the following important applications work fine :

  • xclock

  • xterm

  • gvim 6.3

  • screensavers : gears, compass, sonar etc

  • xpaint

  • ImageMagick

  • xfig

  • xdvi

  • xtuner

  • kterm

  • all gtk 1.2.9 demos

  • xplore

  • ted

  • xv

  • tetris

  • xboard

  • Mosaic

  • ...?...


Let us take our hats off to Marko and his followers .Home page