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February 2006, IMAX discovered

IMAX cinema in Plaza Center in PoznaƄ.

Space station”, movie about travels to the International Space Station, using IMAX 3d technology,simply overwhelming.

Into the deep”, IMAX movie about sea forest at the seacoast of California

20 May 2006

Space station “ once again


17 September 2006

Galapagos” about Galapagos islands, known not only for exotic animals but also for Darwin visit in 19 th century.

11 August 2006

Superman”, is back .Full time movie, it means not original IMAX, but with about 20% Imax insertions. Nice movie, not only for children.Projection of old mankind dream about flying, but not only about this dream.Super effects.And even some faces from K-Pax.It was my first superman in life, and I was amused.

24 November 2006

Polar Express 3D” , simply wonderful.

14 February 2007

Ghosts of the Abyss”, fascinating journey to the “ghost” of the original Titanic.4km deep into the abyss of the ocean. I was impressed by the courage of the director(“ Titanic” ,“Terminator” etc), who usually does not have to risk anything. He took part as a member of the crew of one of two mini submarines.Impressive pictures of the stormy ocean at the surface .Ocean looks good in 3D.

19 May 2007

Cirque du Soleil” , simply beautiful, like a dream.There are no words to describe some scenes.I am sure I will see it again soon.

28 July 2007

Harry Potter 3D” , my first Potter, amazing, I was not the only older among the viewers, it consists of so many beautiful pictures, and wonderful 20 minute final part in 3D.

I have “Small agents in 3d” in my collection, DVD viewable on the home TV, which also require special glasses. But it does NOT compare to IMAX yet. I have heard also about special TV (made in Japan ?), having specially prepared screens, we will see if it works.

Great news: In Hollywod they have decided to remaster digitally older movies to be viewable in Imax cinemas.

  • I have to see :

  • “Wings of the courage”

  • about Everest

  • about Moon, based on original Haselblad photos from Moon missions

  • about Ice of Arctic (?)

  • I would like the following movies be made :

  • big sail” sailing on the ocean

  • more flying

  • ....