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LanDiBase Client/Server for the Java(TM) Platform

LanDiBase client/server written in pure Java with the help of Sun JDK1.2.x and 1.3. It is now developed for WindowsNT 4 and for Linux RedHat 6/6.2/7/7.2 and Solaris 8 .
  • Client software consists of the set of standalone Java applications and Java classes , which could be used in Your applications, for example in the EJB etc, and which allow for communication(conversation ) with the LanDiBase database server.
  • Server software consists of the database server , and of some database server remote managers . Server manager allow for database server administration and customization.

LanDiBase Enterprise Edition , for Java(TM)Platform

Enterprise Edition of LanDiBase written in Java is a fully scalable solution. It means if Your server reaches its performance limit, You do not have to throw it away. You simply add new computer unit to the old configuration and the system begins to breath again. It means Enterprise Edition is the software implementation of the Cluster ( LanDiBase Cluster), it means no special hardware is required. It is of course clear that dedicated cluster hardware can be more efficient, but also very expensive. On the other hand LanDiBase Cluster has no limit on the number of computer units in the cluster. Another advantage is You can easily mix different types of computers, with different operating systems ( they only need to have Java VM). LanDiBase Enterprise Edition is multitasking and multithreaded server .
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