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Events from my programmers life

Should show the customer my interests , experience and potential. Dates are of course not extremely precise.

As a student at A.Mickiewicz University in Poznan
1968 Attending lecture in computer science at the University of Poznan, one semester, together with programming exercises in ALGOL
At A.Mickiewicz University in Poznan
1980 Programming course in Basic, organized by Polish Academy of Sciences at the Technical University of Poznan, 40 hours
At the University Giessen

1985 Programs in Fortran running on Cyber, concerning chaos, like Liapunov exponents, devils staircase etc
1985 18.3-29.3 Attending 2 weeks summer school on Artificial Intelligence at the University of Duisburg, held by prof.Siekmann

At GSI in Darmstadt

1985-86 User support on IBM 3090 + FPS parallel processor
1986-87 Optimization of the experimental data aquisition system,using Vector Assembler 370 and Pl1 ,on IBM 3090.

At Danet Gmbh, courses, and own programs made in spare time as system programmer

1987 Attending week course on IBM VM OS , in Bonn IBM centre
1988 Attending two days course on Bildschirmtext programming , in IBM centre in Stuttgart
1988 Attending week course on network operating systems (internal Danet, Aqaba Jordan)

1989 Attending three days course on CICS programming(internal Danet)
1989 Attending week course on customer relations(CR) (internal Danet,Tunis )
1990 Attending week course on computer project managment with PMW(internal Danet, Porto Carras Greece)
1991 Attending week course on C++ programming (internal Danet, Spain)
1989 ftf , file transfer program between MVS and VM/ESA, in Assembler and using VTAM API.
1990 x25tel, message exchange system between VM/ESA hosts , via NPSI and NCP, using X25 protocol, in assembler .
1991 Flash Operator, message replication router, using publisher/subscriber protocol, enabling the logoned users to obtain VTAM messages on VM/ESA host, using assmbler and IUCV protocol, good for testing of network applications. Simplified single tasking version of it was published in computer newsletter UPDATE in USA and GB. Interesting, single tasking version was not extremely stable but multitasking version was rock stable in high network traffic case and served well for 2 years. Was offered for sell at IBM Today computer magasin.
1991 Busynote, Answerphone for CMS/VMESA, message server, handling the messages and mail coming from other users during your absence, in Assembler . Published in newsletter UPDATE in USA.
Busynote 1 source
Busynote 2 source
1992 Print server for IBM line printer , for VM/ESA, in Assembler, using SNA protocols.
1992 OSI protocol offline scanner, helping in interpreting OSI packets
1992 System monitor for VM/ESA, in Assembler, using 3270 protocol.
1990-1991 Cmaster, IDE for Coherent 4.0 UNIX, with file manager, menu development system and text editor. Distributed shortly by MWC in USA as shareware.
At Danet Gmbh, as a part of the projects
1987-1993 system support for OSI and X400 projects in MVS and VM/ESA environment
1992 Client-server test system connecting OS2 client with server on VM/ESA host, in C, using CPI and APPC protocol.
1992 Client-server test system connecting OS2 client with server on SUN host, via SCO router, in C , using TCP/IP protocol.

In Poland for French Deloque
1993-1994 ATM (bankomat) server connecting Dassault ATM with NovaBank bank accounting system. In Borland C and Highscreen programmer tool, using X25 protocol and Novell Btrieve DBMS.
1994 In Poland, for Mikronika Poznan, scrolling display functions for DOS/OS2 , using TASM
at PKO bank in Poznan
week Course on HP/UX fundamentals at HP centre in Warsaw
week course on HP/UX administration at HP centre in Warsaw

In Poland in my own business, only part of all projects is mentioned

1993/1994 Cwindow Desktop, graphic multitasking environment for Coherent Unix, with own graphic and mouse driver. Modest alternative to X-Window.
1994 Fractal Designer, image browser and analizator with fractal generator , written with Cwindow API.
1994 Project in Access 1.0 and Foxpro 2.6 in Win3.11 for insuarance company
February 1995(?)(or 1996) LanDiBase for Coherent(named LanBase)
Mai 1996 LanDibase for DOS
July 1996 LanDiBase for Linux
31.5.1997 LanDibase 1.1_Final client written in Java(TM) available
28.6.1997 LanDiBase 1.1.2 client written in Java available
19.7.1997 Client supports release 1.3.0 Beta 2 of JavaMultimediaFramework
24.7.1997 Client supports release 1.3.0 Beta 3 of Intel JMF
08.8.1997 LanDiBase transactions support
11.8.1997 LanDiBase client-server available with 64 bit data ( JDK(TM)1.1.x)
28.9.1997 Visual Landibase available (JDK 1.1.4)
28.9.1997 JDBC type 4 driver for LanDiBase available (JDK1.1.4)
10.2.1998 Enterprise Edition of LanDiBase (JDK1.1.5)
10.2.1998 EuForia , e-business safe client/server solution ( JDK1.1.5)
10.2.1998 EuFer , encryption tool ( JDK1.1.5)
21.4.1998 LanDiBase supports official JMF 1.0 of Sun
29.4.1998 High performance version of LanDiBase for WindowsNT and 95 available( jdk1.1.6).
10.5.1998 LanDiBase tested succesfully with RedHat 5.0 jdk1.1.5v7
29.5.1998 LanDiBase supports JMF 1.0.1 of Sun
1.6.1998 LanDiMedia, Multimedia Network Presentator available for WindowsNT/95.
7.6.1998 LanDiBase tested succesfully with RedHat 5.0 jdk1.1.6v1
16.6.1998 MailBusiness for WindowsNT/95 available
1.7.1998 LanDiBase editor (jdk1.1.6) available for WindowsNT 4.0
21.7.1998 LanDiBase Network Commander available for Linux RedHat 5.0
30.10.1998 Native LanDiBase Server available for WindowsNT 4.0
30.10.1998 LanDiBase Network Commander available for WindowsNT 4.0, making the Network Commander the Linux/WindowsNT connectivity product
30.10.1998 LanDiBase for WindowsNT supports SmartCard
26.11.1998 LanDiBase client/server for Windows NT 4
26.11.1998 LibMas for Windows NT 4 and Linux RedHat 5.1
23.12.1998 ArMas for Windows NT 4 and Linux RedHat 5.1
23.12.1998 EnMas for Windows NT 4 and Linux RedHat 5.1
23.12.1998 ReMas for Windows NT 4 and Linux RedHat 5.1
9.6.1999 LanDiBase (version written in Java) tested successfully with HotSpot 1.fcs
1.6 Jedit 2 available
1.7.1999 Jedit 1.1 goes free

At Domdata in Poznan, employed since August 1999 till November 2000 as programmer

1.9.1999-10.9.2000 Cobol/DB2 project in AS400, programming comission(brokerage) modules for a German investment fond in Hamburg. AS400 is interesting in itself for a database programmer, because database managment system DB2/400 is fully integrated with the operating system, making it very effective. Programming also SQL/Query programms.

1.9.2000 Jedit 3.0 goes free
1.8/1.9.2000 Netsword project for Linux (LanDiBase with ssl support)
15.10.2000 Sydney application server for Java platform 1.2/1.3
10.11.2000 Husar http server and application server for Java platform 1.2/1.3
12.11.2000 Netsword project for Solaris 8
19.12.2000 Our new company "Husarnet" Ltd registered.
21.12.2000 Enterprise Edition of LanDiBase for Windows NT
22.1.2001 Our company "Husarnet" Ltd begins activities (Monitor Sądowy nr 26(1106) 6.2.2001)
31.3.2005 "Husarnet" suspends business activities("Husarnet" sp z.o.o w likwidacji)
30.8.2005 "Husarnet" closes
31.1.2006 "Husarnet", ogłoszenie w Monitorze Sądowym nr 22(2367)
At A.Mickiewicz University
Since October 2001 I am again employed at my old Alma Mater, having postdoc position in the Institute of Physics. UAM University now offers the students new possibility : Applied Computer Science. I will be active in this area.