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23.12.1998 KOSOF  
28.7.1999 Finasta for NT  
8.7.1999 Landibase Enterprise Edition for Linux  
1.8.2000 Netsword for Linux / Solaris  
25.9.2000 Sydney application serwer  
21.12.2000 Landibase Enterprise Edition for NT    
25.3.2001Telskan for NT  
23.5.2001Print Control Subsystem for NT4 Workstation   

Print Control Subsystem for Windows NT 4 workstation 

Motivated by the needs of certain department of A.Mickiewicz University in Poznan we developed the print control subsystem for Windows NT 4 Workstation. Imagine , that You want to monitor , 
  • which users have printed and how many pages were printed on a printers attached to Your NT workstation. 
  • the system should be under the control of the Administrator, so no user can manipulate the log. 
The solution to this problem is offered by our control system. 

It is probably interesting for printer hardware manufacturers or distributors.

It supports : 

  • Windows NT 4 Workstation 
  • Up to 100 printers(on local LPT/COM and TCP/IP ports) managed by Your PC, it means locally installed. It was tested with HP DeskJet 690C but no dependency on specific vendor hardware exists. 

It consists of : 

  • System software, runs as system process 
  • System software installer 
  • Administrator software 
  • Administrator software installer 


Print Control Subsystem for Windows 2000 Professional 

Our print control subsystem was tested successfully on Windows 2000 Professional system belonging to A.Mickiewicz University. 


Installation guide in html form is installed by the setup program. 


PrintControl was written with C++Builder 3 and Visual C++ 6, so You should not install in environments with other versions of these tools. 

10.7.2002 Diagnostics 

If You are not sure if the program will work in Your environment , download our diagnostics tool. If You see Your printers in the list of found local printers then there is a good chance , that PrintControl will work in Your environment. Send us the output produced by the tool, so we can help You more. 
Download diagnostic program for local printers