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Installation steps :

Deployment of applications on the server

The deployment of Your applications classes , which are started by the Sydney server is simple. Simply create a jar archive with Your classes and put it in the CLASSPATH on the computer on which the server is running, or copy the classes to the root directory of the server .


You will find the file server.cst in the sydstart.jar. It should contain server.cst file. For You only the value 7008 is important. It is a default server port. If it is busy in Your system change it manually. The trial version of Sydney package does not contain the customization wizard.

Testing installation

If You extract syddoc.jar You should go into samples directory. You find there sample program , which allows You to test the installation. If You start the test program on different PC ( from that, on which the sydeny server is running) , do not forget to put sydney.jar in the CLASSPATH. Testbrok program assumes , that the class edek is accesible to the server. Compile edek and deploy on the Sydney server .
Enter in the command line :

javac testbrok.java

Then, assuming the sydney server was already started enter in the command line :

java testbrok 7008 serverHost myPort

where 7008 is the default port of the sydney server, serverHost is the host IP address of server PC, for example etc, and myPort is the port of Your client .
Program testbrok performs a stress test of the sydney server.