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We are proud to be able to say, that LanDiBase is a completely original Polish product, written from scratch. It uses its own network protocols and database formats.Of course in the case of Java , Linux ,Solaris and WindowsNT versions , LanDiBase protocols are built on top of the Internet protocols.
  • LanDiBase is a distributed database system.
  • LanDiBase uses client-server architecture.
  • Although it contains LAN in its name, the Java , Linux , Solaris or WindowsNT version of LanDiBase can be used not only in LAN but also in WAN networks (Internet). It is no problem to have server in New York and client in Warsaw.
  • LanDiBase allows not only for distributed databases, but itself is distributed (among many proccesses , which can run on different computers).
  • LanDiBase is equipped with RAD (rapid application development) tools
  • it comes with its own API , which allows for more sophisticated applications (programmable insertions and classes).
  • Network is transparent for the programmer, (local transparency). It simply means, that You do not need to know a lot about the network in order to develop network applications.
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